Incidentals at community events in Calderdale

Incidentals at Alternatiba Todmorden 2015, a festival of climate solutions

Incidentals at Alternatiba Todmorden 2015

Incidentals at Alternatiba Todmorden 2015

This is Incidentals of Todmorden Frame Drum Group with some friends after a performance

The drum gang

This is Incidentals at Bacup May 2014 gig


And here Todmorden Frame Drum group at Handmade Parade in Hebden Bridge, 8 June 2014


These are Beginners and Improvers


And this is the Intermediates


These are Incidentals stage masks which we decorated ourselves

Incidentals performing 

Hand drummers all in a row

Oxana the group Coordinator taught a frame drum workshop to public attending Meet the Makers Market, organised by Made in the Valley in Hebden Bridge Town Hall. Rachel, a member of the Intermediate Group and of Made in the Valley, is running a shop in Hebden Bridge. Oxana also delivered two sessions of “Introducing Rhythm” at Cornholme School, Year 1.


2 thoughts on “Photos

  1. katie lloyd-nunn

    hello – do you know of any frame drum groups near Stroud, Gloucestershire?

    • Hello, Katie! Thank you for reading! Unfortunately, no. I am based in North West and only know of frame drummers in Manchester and Leeds.

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