Video: Incidentals’ recording session

Local blogger Krishna filmed Incidentals’ recording session as one of his videos of creative and spiritual events in Calderdale.

In this clip, we perform our composition Circle Dance based on Layne Redmond’s Rattlesnake variations.

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Incidentals introduce children to frame drumming at Heptonstall Family Day 2016

Beth Hardman and Sandi

Beth Hardman and Sandi

Oxana and Sandi of Incidentals were excited to introduce adults and children to frame drumming at Heptonstall Family Day 2016. We were warmly welcomed by the organiser Beth Hardman, who subsequently said: “It was really good having you as part of the day.”

FirstTestOfFrameDrums26032016We had families with children young and younger join us informally and check out the instruments.






We played a couple of songs and instrumentals and led an introductory session of frame drumming.

Oxana and Sandi by the stained glass windows

Oxana and Sandi by the stained glass windows

Children had their first try of frame drums along with shakers and other percussion in the beautiful interior of Heptonstall Church.

Frame drumming inside Heptonstall Church

Frame drumming inside Heptonstall Church

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January 2016 – Drumming

Oxana Poberejnaia

We started 2016 by banging on drums. It sounds raucous but it was actually a gentle and lovely introduction to the prehistoric art of frame drumming. Oxana, Sarah and Sandi from Todmorden Frame Dru…

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Incidentals lead a drumming session at Hebden Bridge Women’s Institute


Members of Hebden Bridge Women’s Institute drumming with Sarah (far left)

On 18th January Incidentals led a drumming session for Hebden Bridge Women’s Institute. We are donating our earning to Calderdale Flood Fund to help local residents and businesses recover from the recent floods.

We had an excellent turn-out, with about 50 women coming to the drum circle.

I had never heard frame drumming and it was really lovely and relaxing to listen to Oxana and her drummers.  She was also an interesting speaker and a patient teacher!  I enjoyed the session and would like to do more. – Polly

We played a composition based on variations of a rhythm used by Sufi as taught by Layne Redmond. Oxana spoke a little bit about history of women playing frame drums and about Layne Redmond, who inspired so many women to connect through frame drumming.

Such a wonderful evening surrounded by peace and calm amidst the chaos of post flood trauma, ladies, thank you. – Alison

The members of Hebden Bridge WI learnt basic strokes and played some simple rhythms, with Oxana. Sarah and Sandi overlaying them with more patterns.

Listening to the rhythms was really calming, and energising too. – Karen

Sandi, Oxana and Sarah with our youngest drummer

Sandi, Oxana and Sarah with our youngest drummer

There were questions asked and answered about the actual drums. The ones Incidentals use are mostly non-tunable and have synthetic drum heads. Some people asked when Todmorden Frame Drum Group meets. As soon as Oxana is back from Maternity Leave. Watch this space.

Although I didn’t drum, it was very informative. The stories Oxana told went beautifully with the songs & she explained the origins of this form of drumming. I watched the drummers faces relax & some were trancelike! A really enjoyable night! – Heather

We were happy to teach the women the basic pattern for Malfuf, and also its brushing variations. The evening ended with a lively singing of Bele Mama, supported by the talented members of Calder Valley Voices and Corista.

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Frame drumming at French and Breton music and dance workshop

Petra and musicians

Petra with an accordion and musicians

On Saturday 26 September 2015 Oxana and Sandi of Incidentals attended French and Breton music and dance workshop organised by Les Panards Dansants – French Music and Dance in West Yorkshire.

The music/dance workshop, 1 to 2.30 pm (£2) was brilliant, we had such a great time. There was around 20 or more musicians playing guitars, violin, mandolin and similar instruments, bag pipes, bodhran, accordion, tambourine and much more. They had obviously played together a lot, they were excellent!

There were some challenging rhythm patterns, like one piece with alternating 2-beat and 3 beat bars in various sequences. However, the 5-beat waltz was actually quite fun!

Neil, first left with a hand drum on the photo, also played a Glen Velez tambourine and a Meinl pandeiro. He learnt from YouTube!

Sandi and Oxana at the workshop

Sandi and Oxana at the workshop

We joined in with our drums.

There was lovely food to help yourself to and make a brew in the interval. (Refreshments (£2) or bring and share a dish).

Then lots more people arrived for the Dance workshop: 3 – 5 pm (£2). We played and Sandi joined in with some of the dances. They were easy to pick up and very enjoyable, it was all lead by a lady called Petra. She was lovely,  the atmosphere was so friendly, welcoming and uplifting.

It was so good we stayed until the very end. We would definitely go again.

The workshops are held at:

Holme Street Arts Centre

(between post office and the Trades Club),

Hebden Bridge, HX7 8EE

Enquiries: 07729120792 (Send a text)

2015 dates:

31 January, 28 February, 28 March, 25 April, 30 May, 27 June, 25 July, 22 August, 26 September, 31 October, 28 November and 19 December.

On 16-18 October, Festival des Panards will be held in Mythormroyd and Hebden Bridge. Converts, workshops and dances 

More details at the website

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Incidentals play Ukrainian songs at a charity event

Incidentals perform Ukrainian song in Ukrainian gear

Incidentals perform Ukrainian song in Ukrainian gear


Volunteers at work in Eastern Ukraine

Incidentals played traditional Ukrainian songs from all parts of that biggest country in Europe at a charity event on 7 August. The evening, held in Roomfield Baptist Church, was organised by Anna Glew (née Smolska), a Ukrainian expatriate.

We donned Ukrainian clothes, including the most gorgeous blouses hand-embroidered by Oxana’s late Grandmother Evfrosinia.

All proceedings have been donated to a charity called Love Has No Borders.

Images of the conflict

Images of the conflict

Volunteers help families in Eastern Ukraine who find it hard to cope with the present situation caused by the conflict between the Ukrainian government and self-proclaimed independent republics on the border with Russia.

Ukrainian poker

Ukrainian poker

The conflict has had some attention in Western media for a while, but now the interest has subsided.

Nevertheless, military actions are still taking place.

According to the UN, 5 million people have been negatively affected by the crisis.

Ukrainian History Part 1

Ukrainian History Part 1

Ania has prepared a multi media presentation, which took the attendees through the troubles history of Ukraine, from the early times  to the more recent events of the 20th century.

Ukrainian History Part 2

Ukrainian History Part 2

Incidentals and Ania jointly performed a range of Ukrainian songs from Eastern, Central and Western regions of Ukraine.

The audience helped by providing percussion with shakers.

The songs talked of love, war, gains and losses.

Some were tragic, some lyrical, some humorous.


Incidentals and Anna Glew

Everyone joined in exclaiming “U-ha-ha!” at the Choruses of the song dedicated to dumplings – one of Ukrainians’ favourite dishes.

Incidentals are determined to keep Ukrainian songs in our repertoire.

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Incidentals perform at the first ever Alternatiba Todmorden

Incidental in Pollination Street at Alternatiba Todmorden

Incidental in Pollination Street at Alternatiba Todmorden

Incidentals have supported a bold initiative of a group of volunteers to run the first ever festival of climate solutions, called Alternatiba, in Todmorden.

With audience shaking shakers, we sang our favourite songs. We invited everyone to make noise for nature, which people did – very musically indeed.

Incidentals outside Fundevogel

Incidentals outside Fundevogel

After our performance, we proceeded to the newly opened Fundevogel Cafe and Art space, where Oxana shared her poetry at Poetic Alternatiba.

You can watch a video about the festival here. We made it into the closing video collage: we’re on the top right of the screen.

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We’re in Todmorden News, 9 April 2015, p. 28

MusicToGreetSpringSeasonTodNews09042015P28Todmorden Frame Drum Group and Incidental’s event Welcome Spring got covered in Todmorden News! See online version on the paper’s website.

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Spring is welcome in Calderdale: together we celebrate

Circle Dance for celebrating Spring

Circle Dance for celebrating Spring

We drummed, we sang and we danced with the help of musicians from Incidentals band and Todmorden Frame Drum Group at Welcome Spring communal celebration on 21 March.

Other creatives and spiritual teachers joined:

  • Guest bodhrán player Anna Zueva-Owens,
  • Guest fiddle and recorder player Anna Butler,
  • Sacred Song teacher Susan Askey, who teaches on first Sundays of every month at 2 pm in Hebden,
  • and Sandi and Irene, members of the circle dance group led by Sophia Hatch that meets at the Oddfellows Hall, Todmorden on Thursday mornings.

The circle is open, but never broken!

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Incidentals are playing at Women in Calderdale’s fundraising event, 25 April

Come see Incidentals play at Women in Calderdale’s fundraising event:

25 April, Saturday, 2-2.20 pm, Fielden Centre, Todmorden

WIC Flyer April 2015

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