Frame drummers 

John Villa and George Sadak

John Villa and George Sadak (Photo credit: dkgoodman)

Layne Redmond

Instructional videos, blogs, online store that stocks instructional videos and CDs, as well as CDs with the late and greatly missed Layne’s performances. Layne explained the back story for her frame drumming and the site still contains workshop schedules by her colleagues and students

Women Frame Drumming YouTube channel

History of frame drumming, women drumming around the world. Women Frame Drumming are also on myspace  and facebook

David Kuckhermann

Free tutorials and videos, audio samples, link to YouTube channel, information on various drums, instructional DVDs to buy

Frame Drum Central

Web hub for learning about various frame drums and to meet other frame drummers


Knock on Wood 

A shop near Harrogate that sells different frame drums as well as other percussion and world instruments

Hobgoblin Music

Stocks one type of Remo hand drums, branches in a number of towns, including Leeds and Manchester, but check availability before you go

Remo Buffalo Drum

The Sacred Feminine

Karen Tate

Karen Tate wrote books “Sacred Places of Goddess” and “Walking an Ancient Path“. She hosts a podcast “Voices of the Sacred Feminine“, which featured interviews with Layne Redmond and Clarissa Pinkola Estes. You can find this podcast on i-tunes.

Guest Teachers

Jayne Johnson

Homeopath and Embodied Relational Therapist

Filomena Ianni

Therapeutic counselling and related services to those experiencing a variety of life difficulties.


The Pythoness and the Bee – Women’s Empowerment, Sacred Dance and Drumming, Beekeeping, Symbolism of the Goddess in Ancient Europe

 Group Facilitator

Oxana Poberejnaia

Watercolours, poems, Sherlock Suite


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