The Heroine's Journey

The Heroine’s Journey (Photo credit: EffyWild)

The Goddess and her priestesses playing frame drums. Sound, vibration, and the moon cycle. Recovery of sacred women’s framing practices in today’s world – read Layne Redmond’s  book to find out why play frame drum.

  • We will base the discussion and sharing part of our sessions on this book:

Women who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

This is the book not just to read, but to feel, to meditate on, and to incorporate in your life. Dr Estes uses fairy tales and myths around the world to point a woman’s path to the ultimate source of strength and inspiration: The Wild Woman, the She Who Knows.

As well as going through this book, it is always a good idea to undertake some creative and/or spiritual practice that involves regular exercises and/or journaling.

Two possible options here are

This is a 12-week course of creative recovery. You do not have to become an Artist at the end of it. The aim of this course is to re-introduce yourself to yourself and to start living a more authentic life. It teaches two very useful practices: those of the Morning Pages and the Artist’s Date.

Menstrual cycle can be a taboo topic. But it should not be. Particularly, not for those who experience it in their lives. Miranda Gray reminds us that menstrual cycle is not what happens juts once a lunar month. Each day is a particular stage in this spiral journey. Each of the four phases of the cycle brings its own features, which, if understood properly, can enrich a menstruating woman’s life.

Remo drums

There are also books that explore a woman’s path from spiritual, psychological and archetypal perspectives.


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