Frame drumming at French and Breton music and dance workshop

Petra and musicians

Petra with an accordion and musicians

On Saturday 26 September 2015 Oxana and Sandi of Incidentals attended French and Breton music and dance workshop organised by Les Panards Dansants – French Music and Dance in West Yorkshire.

The music/dance workshop, 1 to 2.30 pm (£2) was brilliant, we had such a great time. There was around 20 or more musicians playing guitars, violin, mandolin and similar instruments, bag pipes, bodhran, accordion, tambourine and much more. They had obviously played together a lot, they were excellent!

There were some challenging rhythm patterns, like one piece with alternating 2-beat and 3 beat bars in various sequences. However, the 5-beat waltz was actually quite fun!

Neil, first left with a hand drum on the photo, also played a Glen Velez tambourine and a Meinl pandeiro. He learnt from YouTube!

Sandi and Oxana at the workshop

Sandi and Oxana at the workshop

We joined in with our drums.

There was lovely food to help yourself to and make a brew in the interval. (Refreshments (£2) or bring and share a dish).

Then lots more people arrived for the Dance workshop: 3 – 5 pm (£2). We played and Sandi joined in with some of the dances. They were easy to pick up and very enjoyable, it was all lead by a lady called Petra. She was lovely,  the atmosphere was so friendly, welcoming and uplifting.

It was so good we stayed until the very end. We would definitely go again.

The workshops are held at:

Holme Street Arts Centre

(between post office and the Trades Club),

Hebden Bridge, HX7 8EE

Enquiries: 07729120792 (Send a text)

2015 dates:

31 January, 28 February, 28 March, 25 April, 30 May, 27 June, 25 July, 22 August, 26 September, 31 October, 28 November and 19 December.

On 16-18 October, Festival des Panards will be held in Mythormroyd and Hebden Bridge. Converts, workshops and dances 

More details at the website

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    Sandi and I have discovered French folk music and dance and met some wonderful musicians

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