Welcome Spring Community event: 21 March, Sat, 2-4 pm


Join Todmorden Frame Drum Group and the band Incidentals in welcoming Spring to our valleys.

Bring your frame drum, shamanic drum, bodhrán, a shaker or some other percussion if you have one. We will play and improvise rhythms and songs together.

The sun has started rising again over the hills in Calderdale after a long winter. let’s celebrate the day when light catches up with darkness and from when the day will become longer.

Susan Askey, a teacher of Sacred Singing from Hebden Bridge, will teach us a blessing song and a song about balance between day and night.

Todmorden Frame Drum Group’s very own Sandi will lead us in a circle dance in recognition of the never-ending circle of life. Throw in a bodhrán duet featuring a surprise guest and you got yourself a perfect drumming afternoon.

People have celebrated the Spring Equinox across times and nations. In Europe, many Spring Equinox traditions had been transferred to Easter or pre-Easter festivals.

Ukrainians have preserved a tradition of painting eggs, the symbol of birth and plenty. Ukrainian pisanki contain on them ancient cosmic and mythological symbols, some of them survivors of the Paleolithic.

In Russia, children’s games bear witness to some of the old spring rituals, such as calling back birds and asking them to bring spring on their wings. Come to Fielden Centre Welcome Spring event on 21 March and learn more about this tradition.

So get your smiles and drums together, and head for the beautiful and friendly Fielden Centre, with its gorgeous round window, on 21 March.





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