Incidentals at World Vegan Day Gig, 1 November 2014, Todmorden

Incidentals at World Vegan Day Gig

Incidentals at World Vegan Day Gig

We were happy to play at World Vegan Day Gig organised by 3 Valley Veg*ns for two reasons: One, we got free delicious vegan dinner, and Two: it was the first time when Clare, our new flute player, joined us in performance.

See an article in Todmorden News here.

Clare with her Native American Flute

Clare with her Native American Flute

You can see Clare’s short bio here. Clare plays classical flute, as well as two Native American flutes: one large made with Yew and another smaller made with Holly.

The magical sounds of all three weaved in perfectly into the drumming and vocals.

To honour World Vegan Day, 1 November, the date when the world’s first Vegan Society was founded in the UK in 1944, we included a Buddhist Precept “not to kill” into our Shamanic Intro.

Sandi on Shamanic Drum

Sandi on Shamanic Drum

For Shamanic Intro, Sandi usually plays a Remo shamanic drum, Sarah – a bird whistle, Oxana – a Komuz (also know as Jew’s Harp), which she brought all the way from Russia, and Clare plays her flute.

This time, Oxana also sang the Buddhist traditional chant in the language of Pali.

Incidentals then moved on to our programme of fusion of Middle Eastern rhythms as taught by the late Layne Redmond and Slavic folk songs.


Slavic song performed by Incidentals

We did two Russian songs. One is Kostroma, a ritual spring fertility song eponymous with the straw effigy, the central figure of the spring festivities.

Incidentals also performed an original instrumental composition “Fusion” based on Layne’s Nubian rhythm variations.

Clare’s flute was particularly lyrical in the bridge of a melancholic Ukrainian song “Nightingale”.


Instrumental piece “Circle Dance”

Incidentals’ other original instrumental composition is based on Layne Redmond’s variation of a Middle Eastern rhythm Malfuf.

We completed our slot with two Macedonian songs: Shar Planina and Falcon.

A piece about the event appeared in Todmorden News, 27 November, on page 21.

3 Valley Veg*ns plan to organise monthly events, keep checking their website and facebook page.


Sarah on her Meinl frame drum

Incidentals are planning to perform locally and we are working on our second programme, which will include this time English folk songs.

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