Layne Redmond’s good-bye message

Layne and The Mob of Angels, 1991

Layne and The Mob of Angels, 1991

Layne Redmond, a leader of frame drum revival, a Sacred Feminine advocate and a teacher – in person and by her DVDs and CDs of so many frame drummers – has published a statement about her last frame drum retreat.  She has moved to a hospice and is planning her eco-funeral.

It is with great sadness that I read this statement. However, a member of Todmorden Frame Drum Group said that she as inspired by Layne’s attitude and actions, and by her being able to speak about end of her life in positive terms.

Here is a quote from the statement: “I’m really at peace, busy eating anything I want and looking back over my life with true pleasure. It has been so great to meet so many of you who love the frame drum, and it has been really amazing to see how the simple desire for wanting to learn to play the drums has unfolded in my life.”

I can only say that I benefitted enormously from Layne’s life work, and that I will continue drumming and sharing Layne’s teaching and gifts with others. I am so sorry I did not meet Layne in person in this lifetime.


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15 thoughts on “Layne Redmond’s good-bye message

  1. Her book changed my life, too. From there it was on to rad-fem philosophers like Mary Daly. It saddens me to know Layne is leaving us so soon at what appears to be only the age of 60 or so. We’ll always remember and appreciate having been re-membered in our body by our rhythm by what Layne restored to us as womankind.

  2. Regina Sheere

    I have not met Layne but I have one of her drums. it is sad to know that so many spiritual wonderful people are leaving this earth because of cancer. My sister Angelika Preson just left this earth on May 25th due to cancer as well. She too was a very spiritual person and followed her dreams. I believe another wonderful person was Gabrielle Roth whose Five rhythms are very much a part of the workshops that I do. It is very sad but these three people lived life to the fullest and left us with wonderful work and spiritual thoughts. I have Layne’s book and it helped my spiritual journey. Anyone who is affected by cancer might enjoy my sister’s book “My Experience of Truth” it speaks about her journey. I have donated this book to many hospices and Wellsprings here in Canada

  3. Unfortunately I never met Layne in person, but I really loved her work, her way of teaching in the samples I saw… Now we will see what beautiful flowers rise from the seeds she spread.

  4. I am dearly wishing it was me, not Layne, I had a very powerful connection and understand on a deep level why it was so strong, not just because of being born a musician, but because Layne had to GIVE women their power back…..that has been taken away. Government and many others have denounced women and there is a reason why she was the one…but I cant share it here. I am upset I did not know as I would have saved her in a huge way, taking not to a Hospice but to Hope 4 Cancer and I would have funded her 100%…..why, why did I not know, because I was distracted by people that could care less about me, bullied me and violated me for money. LAYNE was more real than ANY woman I have met and a real Mentor and sister….I wish it was me, and she could return today…..same thing happened with Paulo Matiolli……Earth needs their spirit…..they need LAYNE here….she has a soul of gentleness that no women have left inside, she was not out for fame or greed, she was different….I wish I could trade places with her tonite and bring her here and me to the other side, since I am not needed….here and am in the way……

  5. I met Layne just a few months before my diagnosis of breast cancer, in July of 2007. My frame drumming training was interrupted by chemotherapy and radiation which resulted in a near-death experience in 2009. I attended one more workshop with Layne when she came to Chapel Hill, NC; and, we reconnected there, which was after her own diagnosis. We were soul sisters. I felt seen and known and loved by Layne Redmond. She gave me a precious, hand-made bee’s wax candle that she was given in Brazil, I think, at a sacred site honoring St. Bridget. I loved her and she loved me. That’s all that matters. Melanie Maupin, Chapel Hill, NC

    • Melanie, thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story with us. I light a candle to Goddess Brighid for our every drumming session. We will carry on with Layne’s work. Thank you again. Blessings.

  6. Dear Layne,
    I thought that you would live forever, what a beautiful, artistic and creative woman. Enlightening us all to the power that we have. You have inspired me to become a frame drummer, everyday is a blessing.
    Thanks to your overwhelming creative spirit. Your book has empowered so many women who thought that their creativity had passed them by. It is never too late to begin again.

  7. Michele Wilde

    I took a workshop with Layne at Kripalu. She was a delight! I remember telling her that she looks so much like my niece that she could easily be a member of our family. I gave her a gift of a small heart that I purchased in the shop. I am so glad I did. I always liked bees of all kings, and when she taught us the bee meditation I knew we were soul sisters. I bought one of her drums. From that time on, I always think of Layne whenever I see bee motifs. I am shocked to learn of her passing. She is a blessing to us, and always will “bee.” So sad, a sad loss for the wolrd.

    ~ Michele

    • Dear Michele, thank you so much for sharing this touching account with us! We are all inspired by Layne’s work, although we never met her, as we live in the UK, in the North-West of England.

  8. Gingerika

    I too regret that she and I did not meet while she was here. I too wanted to play drums as a kid, but was told by my Georgia grammar school that it was an instrument “for boys”. I learned of Layne in 2011, and was extremely heartened and encouraged by her work during a very rough patch in my life. Had drummed a bit in praise at church and at my WNC shamanistic school. Didn’t know that she was unwell (or in Asheville) until after she transitioned. My name is Linda Redmond, I was born 10 years after her, and for 22 years, I used to go by “Lin”. I’ve lived in Asheville for a very long time, and I am from a local musical family (my brother Rick, a professional musician, played drums from his youth, as well as other instruments). People tell me all the time for decades that I look like Layne Redmond… that happened yet again today when some friends of my friend who has cancer came over to get his things out of our small area of the house where I live, because he has been entered into a facility. My life is stacked and filled to brimming with constant rich synchronicities, full circles, and I don’t know the meaning of all of them, and that’s okay. Too bad this one circle didn’t come completely full though, sigh. But by the technological magic of youtube etc, I can live my dream of drumming via your great gifts, your precious authenticity and presence, and your hardworking contribution of them, Layne. Much deep and heartfelt, passionate appreciation. Fly high, fly free my sister, in light and grace-filled, endless abundant spirit.

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