How I got here – the Facilitator’s Introduction

Marble statuette of the Cybele from Nicaea in ...

Marble statuette of the Cybele from Nicaea in Bithynia (Istanbul Archaeology Museum), wearing the polos on her head (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nowadays I practice on my frame drum for at least 30 minutes a day. And it’s not a grudge. It’s actually more like “When will I get all my things done to be able to practice?” I see a frame drum and my hands buzz.

And yet, just two years ago, I did not play frame drums, I did not own frame drums, I did not give them another thought. I was doing Julia Cameron‘s The Artist’s Way, though. And she promised that if you’re true to your creative path, things will happen. You will meet people, you will get to places, you will find things.

Which is exactly what happened. I took my daughter to drumming circles in Halifax and Rochdale – where I met Ann and Filomena, who are in the advanced class of my drum teacher Paul Dear (I am in the Beginners’ class). Filo is going to teach a session at Todmorden Frame Drum group.

At those drumming circles there were dozens of hand drums, but just one or two frame drums – and I was drawn to them. I wanted to play them. So I decided to give it a try. My husband took us to a local (well, nearly local) Knock on Wood shop, where I got my first frame drums. And I started practising – first from YouTube videos, then from DVDs I got from Layne Redmond‘s store.

Then I read Layne Redmond‘s When the Drummers were Women. In parallel, I have been researching the whole world of the Sacred Feminine with these books. From the very beginning, I felt that the most important part of playing frame drums is playing them in a group and connecting with other people and the rhythm of life, if you will, together.

This is how the idea for Todmorden Frame Drum Group was born. Then the lovely Filo, the Taranta master and Jayne Johnson, a Shamanic drummer (who is in my Beginners’ drum class) agreed to lead a session each. Then Jamima at the Union House showed me the gorgeous space for the meetings. Brilliant.

I remember when I was tested for a Musical School when I was 6, I could not hold a tune, but I could tap the rhythm they gave me perfectly. I am happy that I can find myself in music in my own way – and I am sure everyone will find something for themselves in Todmorden Frame Drum Group.

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